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Drumming Circle prayer

At the Drumming Circle I asked you all to pray for my Mom. I asked that you pray that Jesus would answer her longing to go home to be with him. Mom’s dementia got worse and worse and on Saturday night she fell. The caregivers called the paramedics and it was determined that she likely had fractured her other hip. One of the paramedics called me to ask if I wished to have her transported to the hospital. I asked what could be done and he kindly told me that all they would be able to do would be to sedate her and try to make her comfortable. In the end, I chose not to have them transport her.

Satan screams his lies at me. “What kind of son doesn’t agree to providing proper medical care for his mother? See, you cause things to die!” In the moment his lies sound so right. I called my brother and sisters to tell them and to tell them the decision I had made. My siblings are full of grace, mercy, and kindness. We wept and agreed that it was best, knowing Mom’s longing to die and to go be with Jesus.

Last night the medical staff at the care facility called to tell me I had made the right decision to not send her to the hospital. The nurse practitioner suggested it would have been much too traumatic for Mom and would have only added to her confusion. She told me that she had recently made the same decision regarding her own father who had also fallen and broken his hip. She said, “We were unsure if it was the right decision but Dad kept saying, ‘I just want to go see Jesus.'” That is, of course, my mother’s longing, as well. It was like God sent an angel to minister to my soul.

The nurse practitioner said it was time to place her in Hospice Care and to allow her to spend her last few days without pain. I so grieve these days and so wish that things could be as they once were, but I also know the joy that awaits her as she goes to her reward.

I want to thank you all for your prayers that Mom would soon be with Jesus. It appears God has said yes to our longing.

Thank you.


  1. oh Rod praying Jesus arms around you and His truth to drown anything else out. Praying for a comfort and peace that overwhelms all understanding and guards your heart and mind. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you.

  2. Praying the comfort of the Holy Spirit on your mom and you and your family.


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