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Dreams and Visions

On Sunday I suggested, to the village, that we don’t have dreams and visions from God (Joel 2) because we have filled our minds with other people’s dreams and visions. We have crowded our thoughts with so many mindless stimulations that there is no room for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on us (Now, before you get your panties in wad, I’m not talking about a second baptism). This past weekend I offered a simple correction to the problem – unplug one day a week. Below is a list of suggestions for the time you spend unplugged

1. Read your bible
2. Listen to Village Music
3. Listen to Sermons
4. Spend time talking about God with your family
5. Journal
6. Pray

The specific thing I asked everyone to do involved gathering family or friends together once a week for a short time of reading scripture, singing, and praying. In that process, I urged people to ask God to pour out his Spirit in their dreams. Last night, my family started that process. We spent a little time listening to Andy Stanley (one of our family favorite preachers) – we discussed the sermon, prayed for each other, listened music, and then asked God to pour his Spirit out on us in our dreams. This morning, Elliott woke up early and was ready to discuss his dreams. We didn’t have any revelatory visions or prophesies of the future, but what God did do in our family was create an expectancy and hope that He will speak through our sleep and He will give us visions of His Kingdom.

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