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At the Village we believe that people are made in the image of a creative God and that because this is true, we also create. Calling people to be creative in the way God has uniquely fashioned them is a huge part of our being in community. We call on people to attempt to draw, paint, photograph, sculpt, write poetry and computer programs, create music, write lyrics, cook, bake, garden, renovate buildings, and engage in other creative endeavors and then share the products of that creativity with the community. We choose to use worship songs that are created in our own community or in other nearby communities where we find relationships. We display the creativity of our community as part of our offering to God.We sponsor art shows, music concerts, and places to proffer the things we have baked or cooked to the Village community and to the broader community. We have also made the website a place to display the creativity of our community..



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