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UPDATE AS OF 3/19/2020

Dear Village,
 In view of the effects of the Corona virus on our community, city, nation, and beyond, we have made some structural changes for the near future. Those changes are outlined below, and we will keep you updated as things progress. I would like to encourage you to check in on your neighbors and fellow Villagers. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. This verse (and the song that goes with it) has been a sustaining force in my life and in the life of the Village. I encourage you to cling to it tightly as we face the present disruption. Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord.
Recommending that all meetings go digital at least for the next two weeks. The person leading the meeting should reach out to you with alternative meeting options.
Pilgrim Groups/Monastic Communities
The building is closed. Do not meet at the building unless you have discussed your needs with the Elders.
We are asking that groups not meet in person at this time, but we do not want these groups to stop connecting, especially PGs. Video conferencing is encouraged in order to check-in and pray for each other. The “What’s App” application works across platforms (Android/Apple) for video conferencing; it is free and easily accessible. Google Hangouts is also another option that may be easier. Your Pilgrim Group leader/s should let you know the plan to stay in touch.
Sunday Services
Public services will not be held for at least the next two weeks at the Village. The 10 am service will be held in a live streaming format, with music and a sermon. The sermon will continue to be available to watch on multiple platforms after this timeframe. The 5 pm service will be a live streaming event with music and some sort of meditation or conversation but no sermon. During the week, we plan to host three live streaming events for people to engage with:
Lunch with Rod
o   Mondays 11 am – 12:30 pm
o   Available on Facebook Live
o   Scriptural meditation
o   Opportunity to be prayed for if you comment to ask for prayer
Worship and Scripture Reading w/ Mark, Sue & Eric
o   Wednesdays 2:30-3:15 pm
o   Multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Village website)
Updates with Eric & Mark
o   Fridays @ 1:30 pm
o   Multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Village website)
We want to continue to make improvements to our live feeds. Please provide any helpful feedback to .
The elders would like to encourage you to be generous in your giving during this time; people will be needing help along the way, and your giving enables the Village in this effort. Your tithe can be sent via:
·          Mail – The Village at PO Box 30790, Tucson, AZ 85751
·          The Pray app


Previous Message on 3/12/2020

Dear Villagers and Friends,

We met as elders and discussed our response to the Coronavirus and we are encouraging the following:

1) If you or your children are sick or have any signs of illness please stay home. It is not honoring of our value of accessibility to expose others to disease.
2) Recognize that people who are older and/or those with compromised immune systems are at much greater risk of the virus. Feel free to refrain from coming to worship or other events if you are in those categories. We acknowledge each person is unique and we need to support each other’s decisions.
3) We have purchased self-contained communion elements to remove cross contamination concerns when participating in the Lord’s supper.
4) We will send out Doodle polls weekly to determine potential Sunday worship attendance and act accordingly to either suspend worship services or move to live streaming of a service. We’ll begin to work on live-streaming this Sunday.
5) It is wise to have medicine, foodstuffs, and cleaning supplies (and, yes, toilet paper) on hand to use during a possible quarantine situation. A family could end up quarantined for a month or more as the exposure moves through the family.
6) We will serve meals this Sunday but may suspend them as things evolve. Please practice good hygiene at all times. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching.

In consulting with the doctors and nurses in our community we are trying to be prudent in our response. We greatly appreciate their knowledge, expertise, and experience. This disease is unlike the flu and other viruses so any comparisons are probably unhelpful. Please do not be fearful. God rules and he loves his people. Please do be generous and kind to each other. Remember to be generous with sharing what you might have that others might need. Remember to continue giving to support the community and your pastors. Again, please do not place others at risk. Coming to the Village is not unlike going to restaurants or grocery stores or theaters or malls so if you are doing those things you can also likely join in worship. However, because the disease is constantly evolving it is likely that things will change rapidly. We will strive to keep you informed as we as a community love and care for each other.

Again, if you or your family members are sick or part of at risk groups please feel free to limit your social contact and exposure to others.

In God’s Grip of Grace,

Your elders

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