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Thanks for volunteering to cook for the Village!

Budget and Quatities

The weekly cooking budget is $125 and we aim to feed 90 people for the morning service and 80 for the evening service. Pastor Rod is really good at gauging quantities, so if you have any questions about how much meat to get or anything like that he’s a great guy to ask! 

Food Sensitivities

We always try to have different options for the food sensitive people:
– vegetarian
– dairy free
– gluten free
– nightshade free [all peppers (including bell, jalapeno, and spices including chili powder, paprika, cayenne), tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant]

Check the ingredients carefully especially of spice blends, salad dressings, and pre-made sauces…nightshades are everywhere! Feel free to reach out to Erin or Andrea if you have any questions about food allergens!

Food Prep

There are instructions on which color cutting board to use on the refrigerator and on each cutting board. Please do not cross-contaminate foods on the cutting boards.

Thank you!

Have fun cooking for Villagers! ALSO we ask that you don’t try to do all the dishes after you cook! Go sit down and enjoy the meal you prepared! Someone else will get the dishes. 🙂


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