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Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Beat-box

So, I was working behind the soundboard, not really paying attention apparently … This songs starts out with a beautiful guitar beat that I got lost in – I still get lost in it – as I just enjoy it so much. As I was enjoying this guitar beat in the original recording, after the song started and was well underway, I noticed Eric walk over and slide microphone 2’s volume up a tad to bump the microphone up for Mark. At this moment, I realized that Mark was beatboxing! What an awesome surprise that I found myself in the midst – beatboxed praise with beautiful beats from Mark while Corey played the guitar and sang.

Beat-boxing in church? – Praising God with amazing, awesome, infectious, joyful noises! – Praising God is so Beautiful!

This song continues to raise my spirits ever time I hear it. I really love the passion poured into it.

This song is an example of the creativity and passion poured into the music crafted at the Village on a regular basis. The songs creatively mixed at the village are delicious – as the musical talents and ingredients vary – to create wonderful and exciting musical combinations that make praising God a wonderful experience to partake in. I love the music at the Village!


  1. This is one of Cate and Isaac’s favorites as well 🙂 Thanks for making this Jake.

    • It is hard to pick a favorite song at the Village as what I need changes and there are so many songs that are just amazing.


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