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They slowly slip away, one by aging one, limping down alone these ancient saints take little with them but simple, godly hearts and tattered memories.  The things they built become decrepit edifices, abandoned now by children’s children and the children after them. Beside decaying paths the old ones slowly fall away.  Soon there is no memory, no recollection they were here.  The world goes sp...

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Cantilevered prayers, desperate floating cries, secure me to a mighty God through Spirit’s groans, bridging to the Maker who weeps of my collapse. Knowing I can’t stand alone, he spans chasm walls, extends the girders, welds beam to beam with an underpinning love  that never lets me go. In the swirling chaos where nothing solid lies, far beneath the seething waves tension and compression war....

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Don’t Bet On Yourself

Recently in the revolving door of meaningless sports events, a basketball team from Canada won the NBA finals. It was the first time they’d ever won a championship. An important player for the team whose play helped push them over the edge to victory was a guy by the name of Fred VanVleet (okay non sports fans, try to stay with me, I promise this isn’t some botched, dry analysis of the NBA season ...

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Way Down By The Water

Here is a song I wrote around Easter. It’s been in the back of my mind since then so I recorded it. Here’s the lyrics: Way down by the water Stood a man I did not know Stood a man who called my name He said, “Come. Come to the water and I’ll give you life.” Way up in the hills Is where I went to hide away Is where I went in fear and shame Way out in the desert I dug a well to find my o...

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We often reject the thing that we need most. We often believe the lie that by denying something altogether, then there’s nothing to lose. We do this because we are afraid to want the very thing that could make us or break us.  Afraid of intimacy,  because it risks rejection.  Afraid of trying, because it risks failure.  Afraid of vulnerability, because it risks exposure.  ...

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Religion God Accepts

Ruth died. She was my mother’s best friend and the wife of Pete who became something like a dad to us kids after our dad died in 1969. Pete would come over most weekends and do things like fix a leaking faucet or replace a water pump on Mom’s ‘88 Oldsmobile or help Mom with balancing the bank book. It was the stuff of everyday life. Ruth would most often come with him and she and Mom would chat wh...

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May 24, 2019 Pastoral Letter

May 24, 2019 To my fellow Villagers, the faithful in Christ Jesus, whose security and significance come from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that out of God’s great riches you might be strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being. I pray that you will be rooted and established in love. Together with all of God’s people, may you understand how wide, how high, how ...

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Scroll through any social media feed and it doesn’t take long to discover the common theme of self-love. People are becoming consumed by the idea of self-improvement through independence and inner strength. Posting photos of vacation destinations, untouched meals, and filtered selfies has become the new norm. The smoke and mirrors of the 21st century, social media has become a way to create the il...

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Fishing (Waiting) with my Family

Fishing (Waiting) With my Family I grew up in South Texas near South Padre Island. As a child, my family went fishing often. I have many fond memories of spending time on the beach with friends and family just waiting for the excitement of the next catch. That’s what I loved most about fishing – it wasn’t the sport itself or the thrill of the catch, it was the waiting.   While waiting, I woul...

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