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2019 reflections

As I reflect on this year, God seems like he’s after two themes in my life. First is demands: my demands, my kids demands, my husband’s demands, the demands of other people I know. Things I believe I am entitled to: my opinions, my longings, being heard, being understood, other people doing the right thing, people around me doing the considerate thing. But as I demand, consciously and unconsciousl...

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:Welcome to community

Ok some roughly formulated thoughts not too ‘churched up’ as reuben would say: I’ve been thinking a lot lately what it means for the Village to be accessible and inclusive even as we grow. For years, many Village parties or events included a church wide invite. Baby showers were often co-Ed and an opportunity to have everyone come together. Not everything was all inclusive, but many things were. L...

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Can we talk?

I love the village. I love how we come together as a community who supports and loves and cares for one another. I love how we ask each other about our lives; the good the bad, the hard….it’s so refreshing still after 14 years to be apart of this kind of authenticity. It’s so rich, so scary and I’m so grateful. As our family enters into a season of preparing to leave for Alaska (spring of 20...

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Trust without evidence

So I was asked me to give ‘talk’ about what God has been doing in my life this past spring to a women’s Bible study. But after praying about what to share for several weeks nothing really jumped out to me. I keep asking God for ideas of something appropriate and a platform to express it that would be meaningful to a crowd but also from Him. Even sitting down to write the talk I didn’t really...

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This awesome website and app…

Hey guys, I cannot speak more highly of this website. Intelligently written articles on topics of life/relationships as it pertains to living a Christ centered life. I find it to be very relevant and bold as well as full of wisdom and truth. I subscribed so I get their articles in my inbox….hope you find it as encouraging as I do! Also, I have been using t...

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Time still cheats

Like a scab that’s been picked Time and time again This place is sensitive The tears won’t end Leaving and going It’s too much to bear Almost would be better If you were never here Instead of a callous Blood still weeps Instead of being easier Time still cheats Gone and going Life still lives Come and coming Love still gives

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Can I get two minutes?

I am shocked and horrified at what I’m seeing in the news and social media. I don’t have a Facebook right now (deactivated about a year ago) and I don’t have twitter or that other big social media site I can’t remember the name. I recently signed up for instagram but I still don’t really know how to use it. However, sometimes I cheat and sign into my hubbies Facebook ...

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accepting my broken identity

peeling, flaking, rubbing, shedding. the old is gone and is going. the new has come and is coming. this was my prayer tonight. my new creationness is ongoing and it’s messy. messy and embarrassing. i feel acutely how this cracking, splitting, broken, old hull still clings annoyingly to my new self. ugh why can’t i just be rid of it? why doesn’t it just fall off for good? sounds l...

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A Kodiak Christmas….

Hey village family, Our journey has taken us even more northward to our boat in Alaska. We are roughing it, so to speak, living in a 6×6 galley while we build our spacious 10×12 room on the back of the boat. The project isn’t without it’s unforeseen problems and unforeseen joys. problem: boat starter just fried….we need this to move the boat to fill up water tanks and f...

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