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Celebrating Easter

Did you know that in some Christian traditions, Easter is celebrated for 50 days following the season of Lent? This season of feasting is called Easter Season, Eastertide, or Paschaltide. It starts on Easter Sunday and continues through the Feast of the Ascension (the day that celebrates Jesus’ ascension into heaven forty days after his resurrection), ending with the Feast of Pentecost (the day th...

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What does the logo mean: Sue Cepin’s response

What does the logo mean: Sue Cepin’s response The Village believes that the gospel (the circle at the center of the logo) is something that we don’t hide, but that as we gather together we gain the courage and the means to take it out to the world. Also, the arrows pointing in are dark, while those moving outward are light. This represents the darkness we experience in the world and th...

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