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Just Keep Swimming

7-12-2017 Just Keep Swimming I have rediscovered over the past couple of weeks the truth in the difficulty major life change has on a marriage. Thankfully, Bob and I have done this enough in our lives to realize that things will settle down and we just need to be more diligent about communicating better. What I find is important for me to remember is that even good changes are stressful and whethe...

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The Holy Spirit moves me

I am not one to write. In fact, my entire life, I have wanted to be a beautifully prosaic, profound writer. Alas, perhaps not my gift, but I have felt an extreme pull to participate on the Village website as we are discussing Thessalonians. I believe the Holy Spirit is beckoning me to publicly profess what I am discovering about myself. My head takes over first to analyze, thinking it is about wha...

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