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My new job!!

Hello Villagers, I’m sure I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of you about the job that God has given me.  I have the opportunity to work for AZ Baptist Children’s Services in their New Life Transitional Program. The program is designed for men and women who are struggling financially and need help becoming self-sufficient.  Many of our clients are homeless or facing homelessne...

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Meals for Carena

Nathaniel Bloom was born on Saturday, February 13th!  It’s time to start bringing meals to them.  Check out the link below.  If you have any problems with it please let me know!!

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Save your jars!

Calling all Villagers: Kid Vespers needs about 25 clear glass or plastic jars.  The kids will be making “Jesus is the light of the world” glow stick lanterns on May 18th.  Please bring your clean jars and put them on the shelf in the kid area.  If you’re not sure where to put them, bring them to me.  Thanks for helping our kids make some great crafts.  The helmets turned out to b...

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God’s great love

God has been working this theme in my life of reminding me that He will never leave me or forsake me.  I have a hard time trusting Him and believing that He wants to continue to take care of me.  And that He wants to care for all of my needs, spiritual, physical, everything. I had a really hard day today.  My emotions have just been so raw and I’ve been freaking out and yelling at the kids w...

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Boys are at risk too

I was listening to an interview on the radio yesterday and I heard a statistic that really alarmed me.  The woman being interviewed, Kat, is a survivor of human trafficking from Florida.  She has escaped from that life and now runs an organization that works to protect kids from that type of crime. What struck me was that 1/3 of the kids who approach her to share their experiences when she speaks ...

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I am not enough…..

I am not enough.  I feel it so many days, so many times.  My kids need so much more than I can give them.  I’m not talking about possessions or food.  I’m talking about meaning, assurance, explanations.  I am not enough and I will never be enough.  I am reminded of that everyday. Chris is struggling with focusing in class.  He can’t keep up with the work because he constantly dis...

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