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Protest Injustice by Turning to God & Pray

Just a few days ago, protesters and police clashed in downtown Tucson. I just heard about today (Saturday) and my heart sank because this took place where I live, and with people who are members of my community, I have no idea if I know anyone involved or a witness. This event is a disgusting travesty. Yet it is both understandable and commonplace, and so very preventable. I believe that I see a n...

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I Can See

On October 1, I had eye surgery to remove cataract, I was born with, from my right eye, also had a cornea implant to correct astigmatism. On October 15, the left eye was performed. . On October 16, my right eye was 20/20, left eye 20/50, started to use “cheaters” for reading. Since then, I have been completely amazed with being able to see as clearly as I have been able to so far. The ...

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