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With Time on Schedule; Break to Ponder a Thought about Christ Jesus

As some know, I have begun to deepen my faith and walk, and am attempting to better understand The Kingdom of God, or the Gospel.  Recently, I came upon this concept while studying The Devine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. Does the Christian Church and Community (The Village Church) have something (knowlege, experience, thoughts) that are essential to life? I can take the Bible as a literary work t...

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Join a Study Group on The Divine Conspiracy.

I asked Michael Cousineau if he would be interesed in leading a study goup based on Dallas Willard’s book called The Devine Conspiracy, and he agreeed. I would much rather have more than Michael teaching only myself. I am wanting more people attend and learn a greater understanding what it means to become a student of Christ Jesus. I am interested in learning what it means to put on the Char...

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I learned something new today.

The old adage “Uz An’t evr gonna teach a nu daug nu triks” is so very true. But for the truth be told my Heavenly Father because of The Works of His Son, My Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, with the needed help and reliance upon the Holy Spirit, I did learn something new today. And that amazingly, flabbergasts and stupefies me with complete and utter perplexing dumbfounding awe. No...

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Protest Injustice by Turning to God & Pray

Just a few days ago, protesters and police clashed in downtown Tucson. I just heard about today (Saturday) and my heart sank because this took place where I live, and with people who are members of my community, I have no idea if I know anyone involved or a witness. This event is a disgusting travesty. Yet it is both understandable and commonplace, and so very preventable. I believe that I see a n...

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I Can See

On October 1, I had eye surgery to remove cataract, I was born with, from my right eye, also had a cornea implant to correct astigmatism. On October 15, the left eye was performed. . On October 16, my right eye was 20/20, left eye 20/50, started to use “cheaters” for reading. Since then, I have been completely amazed with being able to see as clearly as I have been able to so far. The ...

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