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A 6303 Word Travelogue

The Thursday morning before the Friday we leave for a week away in Alberta, Canada the pest control guy knocks on our door and informs us that there is water leaking from the foundation of the house. A pipe is broken and water is pouring out so I quickly call the home warranty people who dispatch a plumber immediately who tells us that according to paragraph c, section 14, part a, sub paragraph bl...

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Stewed tomatoes

When I was a kid we ate stewed tomatoes on bread. We’d take a slice of bread, slather some butter on it, pour heated up stewed tomatoes over it and call it dinner. I hated it. Sometimes we had it several times a week. I thought it was pure torture. Of course, we weren’t permitted to complain. We were poor and it was sustenance and it fulfilled God’s promise to provide for our nee...

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The wrong side of history

While observing the gay marriage debate or the legalization of pot issue or other such ‘progressive’ trends, I constantly hear those favoring change charging their counterparts as being on the wrong side of history. Cloaking one’s self in the robes of enlightenment while painting the opposition as living in the dark ages is a most common debate tactic designed to shut down reason...

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Village gifts

Eric and I were talking about the Village recently and we started to talk about spiritual gifts. Certain churches are dominated by certain gifts. Some churches are extremely type A and may be dominated by gifts of administration and leadership. Others are more laid back and service oriented and may have many who share the gifts of helps and giving. Still others may have lots of folks with gifts of...

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Fish story

Zeke told me that his brother, Christopher, had caught a ‘dead koi fish’. I listen to this fish tale with a bit of a smile and then Zeke asked me if I could tell Reuben about catching the ‘dead koi fish’. I called Reuben over and told him about this amazing catch. Zeke was listening excitedly and was thrilled that our resident fisherman was congratulating him on his brother...

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Going out

When you grow stir crazy, you’ll do almost anything to get out of the house. I needed to cash a check and make a deposit so I bribed my kid to drive me through the bank drive through with the promise of running through McDonalds on our way home. He agreed and off we went. It was so good to get out of the house. At McDonalds I had to shout my order from the passenger seat and combine it with ...

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Watching television

“Be careful what you ask for…” Mom always said. Mom is almost always right about these sorts of things and I would be wise to listen. I’m bored flopped out on the couch sucking down pain medication and watching television all day long. People come and visit and that is awesome because it breaks the monotony. Being the whiner that I am, I tell folks about how bored I am. The...

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Doctor visit

Well, I screwed up. I went to my surgeon for my first follow up visit on Friday and I told him that I was only taking the muscle relaxants morning and evening and that I had almost weaned myself completely off the narcotic pain killers. The pain has been tough to manage, but I was managing it and was quite proud of myself for doing so. I was excited to tell him what I had been able to accomplish a...

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Romanticizing Death

I recently wrote a letter to the editor in response to an article where a local doctor had advocated for ‘death with dignity’ for people suffering from the various forms of dementia. In it I suggested there was nothing dignified about death, I declared it to be the enemy that it is. A woman who served as a chaplain responded by castigating me and talking about all the beautiful things ...

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Not so Grand in Arizona

After going through the trauma of having a hip replacement and after having spent several months in a rehabilitation hospital, Mom was moved into a room in the assisted living section of the Arizona Grand Senior Living facility. We decorated her room with furnishings, photographs, and other favorite items from her house and then emptied and sold the house. I have simplified bill paying and taken o...

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