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Excerpt from my journal: a weak and wacky moment

Are we going to heaven? I’m pretty sure my wife is. Is she going to see a bright white light when it’s time to go? How long will she be in the portal before it dumps her onto a golden sidewalk or maybe an impossibly white cloud? Will she still have hair? Body fluids and functions? A body??? As a kid, I had a mental image of a horizon full of souls packed together like cattle, all appearing as indi...

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I Had a Big Idea

Earlier this year I had the big idea that it was time to do another backpacking trip in the White Mountain wilderness of Northern Arizona. I’ve been taking kids of various age ranges to these mountains for a couple of decades, mostly in conjunction with the developmental stages of my own kids. This time, though, had to be special. I had promised the community’s younger kids a wilderness excursion ...

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Anna’s party

Hi everyone. This is another reminder of Anna’s party this weekend – Saturday starting at 6pm at Seneca House. I wanted to emphasize that, in lieu of presents, we were hoping to get folks to bring a piece of children’s clothing to donate to a foster group home. Also, if you care to throw in a side dish to help feed the multitudes, that would be bonus! Thank you all. Kb

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