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I am struggling.

I’ve been struggling – in many ways. Here’s one that I offer to you. I had a really difficult time in drafting the Village newsletter this week. For those that do not know, I am the administrator for The Village and as such I help manage the Instagram account for @Villagers_Online and I send the weekly newsletter. Normally, the hardest part about sending the newsletter is roundin...

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Ways to Connect Digitally

Hi Villagers! As we are adjusting to social distancing and the many other changes happening today, The Village staff and leadership still wants you to connect with one another. Leaders will be checking in on people from time to time but do not hesitate to reach out to an elder (Rod, Mark, or Eric) if you need anything. In the meantime – here are my top three apps for connecting with video: G...

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Kickball Champion

I played competative kickball for 11 years growing up. From age 7 to 18, I was part of the Little Miss Kickball League in the Tip-O-Tex park of Texas. Trust me, it’s a BIG thing in Texas – hundreds of girls in several cities across the state play in these leagues I didn’t just play. I crushed it. For maybe 8 out of t...

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The Bee

I was outside with my son just hanging out in our backyard when I spotted a bumble bee on the gravel. The bee was struggling to walk and seemed unable to fly away. It was a sad sight. After a few minutes, the bee was still in the same spot, but seemed to have given up the fight. I picked him up with a leaf and put him on a flower – a petunia that I didn’t plant but just popped up on an...

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How do you know?

I recently came to a crossroad, the choice between continuing on my path or taking a sharp left. I don’t know about you, but in situations like these, I tend to set up camp and talk myself in and out of every possibility for taking either direction (enter memories of debates on a Robert Frost poem – there is no road!). Both choices seemed promising, so I built my tent and sat a while. ...

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Fishing (Waiting) with my Family

Fishing (Waiting) With my Family I grew up in South Texas near South Padre Island. As a child, my family went fishing often. I have many fond memories of spending time on the beach with friends and family just waiting for the excitement of the next catch. That’s what I loved most about fishing – it wasn’t the sport itself or the thrill of the catch, it was the waiting.   While waiting, I woul...

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