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How do you know?

I recently came to a crossroad, the choice between continuing on my path or taking a sharp left. I don’t know about you, but in situations like these, I tend to set up camp and talk myself in and out of every possibility for taking either direction (enter memories of debates on a Robert Frost poem – there is no road!). Both choices seemed promising, so I built my tent and sat a while. ...

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Fishing (Waiting) with my Family

Fishing (Waiting) With my Family I grew up in South Texas near South Padre Island. As a child, my family went fishing often. I have many fond memories of spending time on the beach with friends and family just waiting for the excitement of the next catch. That’s what I loved most about fishing – it wasn’t the sport itself or the thrill of the catch, it was the waiting.   While waiting, I woul...

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