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Mother’s Day Reflections

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Some of us are biological mothers, adoptive mothers, surrogate mothers, mothers of lost babies (or adults), estranged mothers, longing to be mothers, heart broken mothers, motherless, and others have chosen not to be mothers. But I would argue we all are created in God’s image, and we all are mother’s in some capacity though are wombs have never been...

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Crawford Meal Sign Up

Here is Layne and Mark’s meal schedule to celebrate and support them as they welcome baby Saoirse. You can also search through the main page searching Crawford, password: Saoirse.  

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My birthday speech

Hello Village community, I recently had a birthday party, where I gave a speech proclaiming what my last year has been, and my own blessing on my next year to come. I wanted to share it with all of you, as a way for you to know me deeper, and as a way for you to know how to pray for me. Love you all. “I long for my speech to be my way of declaring praises to Him who has called me out of dark...

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