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God’s Promises… Waiting for Them

I remember clearly when God told us we were going to adopt Ian.  We were at the Park Place Mall play area. I watched Ellen running around playing. I felt so much love for her and pride. Then I noticed the other kids and how they were so beautiful with all their differences of abilities and skin color and appearances. I felt a strong sense of peace come over me and a sense that it was time for anot...

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Moving!! 🎉🎊

Good morning! We are finally getting close to moving to our new home. Though the new home is only a few miles down the road, we will need help in the form of muscle, trucks, etc. we are hoping for the new home to be ready 6/3 for the move. Anyone available that day to pitch in? I’ll update here if the date changes. Thanks in advance! ❤️

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I don’t write on here very often because it is so revealing to a broader audience and I prefer that 1:1. But I am in a place currently where I am needing the prayers and hope of our community. I will share to a point here, but not fully due to who can read this public forum and how that could affect other aspects of my life I wrote today to a Villager re: health concerns: “l am struggl...

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My kid is not your kid…

Disclaimer: This is very personal, emotionally exposing blog to write. If you recognize yourself in any comments I mention, this is not meant to attack you or otherwise hurt you; this is a representative of life through our lens as parents to special needs children. I remember the sinking feeling in my gut as I expressed my concern about our daughter’s behavior at two years old at a playdate with ...

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