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I am from…

There’s a wonderful poem by George Ella Lyon titled Where I’m From. Inspired by this poem I thought it would be a fun way to share with each other more about our lives. I am from… Appalachian hills, grassy green and snowy white Riverbeds, cricks, hollers, crawdads and swimmin holes Berry-purple stained hands, picked in the sun I am from urban streets, chain link fence, sirens bla...

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A Place to Belong

Last week, my kids, along with many other little Villagers, got to participate in Maker’s Camp. I’ve always looked forward to the summer as a fun time to explore new things and have new experiences, so we’ve been doing summer programs – in one form or another – for 13 years. VBSs, Sports Camps, Library Programs, Mom’s Groups, etc. etc. Most of the time, I would ...

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