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The below article from NT Wright inspired me to write the now “Village infamous Song: Trinity.” Epilogue The Prayer of the Trinity (Originally published in New Tasks for a Renewed Church, 1992, London: Hodder. Also published as Bringing the Church to the World, 1992, Bethany House, U.S.A., 209-15. Reproduced by permission of the author.) by Tom Wright Trinity Sunday Isaiah 6:1-8; Ephes...

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A note from Danielle

Reprinted from Danielle Flack’s Website Sunday, August 31, 2014 A taste of blessing… Thank everyone so much for your thoughts of us and your prayers. For the first time, things seem to be ‘smooth sailing.’ The Lord Willing has gone out several times to fish and, all in all, has caught about 16,000 lbs of fish. Although little, we have made some money doing this! The crew is...

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