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Dreams and Visions

On Sunday I suggested, to the village, that we don’t have dreams and visions from God (Joel 2) because we have filled our minds with other people’s dreams and visions. We have crowded our thoughts with so many mindless stimulations that there is no room for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on us (Now, before you get your panties in wad, I’m not talking about a second baptism). This past weekend I ...

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Hot Drink Holiday Special

As in ages gone by the Park family will be hosting a Hot Drink Holiday Special on December 6th (Saturday) at our home. A truly horrendous holiday movie will be played inside, while a nice fire will be outside. Anyone is welcome to come and bring friends. The party will start at 6:30 and go till everyone leaves. Feel free to come and go at any time or not come at all if this is just one thing to mu...

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News and Notes 11.21.2014

Hey folks, It’s Soup Supper Weekend!! Here is your volunteer list Kid Vespers Kelly McConnell Amanda Markwardt Nursery  Keith Brunson Anna Brunson Band Grey Skies no Keith Cook Corrie Wise Other Stuff As stated above, the soup supper is tomorrow. It starts at 6pm, please bring your friends and come hungry! Fallow  Month is soon upon us. If you want more info about things like Fallow month an...

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Village News Notes 11.8.2014

Hey everyone, Just a short email this week. Here is your volunteer list Kid Vespers Eric Cepin Sue Cepin A note – We are no longer doing Little Vespers, they have been combined and will be ages 3 to 7. Kids aged 8 will be in with Mid Kids when we have it every other week. Nursery Ron Layman Tamaki Layman Cook Shelly Neese(This is The Dean’s friend, she will be a guest chef this week) B...

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