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A Kodiak Christmas….

Hey village family,

Our journey has taken us even more northward to our boat in Alaska. We are roughing it, so to speak, living in a 6×6 galley while we build our spacious 10×12 room on the back of the boat. The project isn’t without it’s unforeseen problems and unforeseen joys.

problem: boat starter just fried….we need this to move the boat to fill up water tanks and fill our diesel stove to keep warm….eeek this just happened today please pray as we figure out how to deal with this.

joy: cooking and living in a 6×6 is strangely soothing…kids are playing happily at their spots at the table and we even made a wall christmas tree with lights! everything is forced to simplify and slow down.

problem: it’s cold all the time! our sleeping quarters are actually below the water line of the boat so its extremely hard to keep warm and super expensive…

joy: sun rises at 10am and sets at 4:30pm and they are the longest sunrises and sunsets I’ve ever seen and seriously so beautiful!

We miss you all and the warm weather (especially me)!

Prayers and calls and texts are appreciated…I will try to keep everyone updated here or maybe I will start blogging or something.

ok much love

Danielle (for the other Flackers)



Passionate about authenticity and truth telling. Wife to Reuben. Been coming to the village for about 7 years. Mom to Raeya 6 and Xander 3. I enjoy coffee dates and connecting people to relevant information. I have a passion for learning and sharing about parenting, fertility, pregnancy, and home birth, alternative health and wellness, homeschooling, & food. I have worked in sales for most of my life, primarily selling Cutco knives. My husband is a commercial fisherman in Alaska and this coming spring we are embarking on the journey of living in two places throughout the year. Also we are expecting out third child in Jan. 2015.


  1. Danielle!
    Thanks for this update. It is so refreshing to see your little peeps and their Christmas tree. The richest of blessings to you all in this new and tiny space in your lives.
    Do you have a snail mail address that gets letters to you during this season? If so & you don’t want to post it online, would you email it to me?
    Praying for you and yours,

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Advice from someone who lived 3 winters in Fairbanks…get as much sunshine as possible during the short periods of sun. So important for our bodies!

    Love you all and thanks for the update ❤


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