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Prayer and Fasting Guide for Saturday, August 8th

During our recent times of fasting and prayer as a community, the Holy Spirit made evident the need for the continuation of this practice as a communal rhythm. As such, we will be offering a prayer guide each month for a corporate time of fasting and prayer.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Please choose something to fast on Saturday, September 12th. This could be food or something else that will free up time for prayer.
  2. In light of our neo-monastic identity, we have prepared a guide for praying every other hour from 6:00am – 10:00pm that we are sending you now so that you can plan around these times in advance. This guide is an opportunity to join others that are praying about similar things at the same time. Each designated hour has questions for contemplation and prayer that you can participate in for any duration, either alone or with others.
  3. At each designated hour, the Village website and Facebook page will show a prompt reminding Villagers of the instructions for that hour.

Prayer and Fasting Guide - September 12th

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